'You say potato, I say potato'. Ah, that doesn't really work in print. Argentinian, Argentinean and Argentine however, has stirred the passions of. I was taught in my school days that Argentine was the correct adjective This isn' t really an answer. It's just to back up @GEdgar's chart showing. Argentinian (plural Argentinians). A person from Argentina or of Argentine descent. Argentinian (not comparable). Of, from, or pertaining to Argentina and the. In Britain, I guess that most people would say 'Argentine' for both things, but there are many who are now using 'Argentinean'. So, it is simple really. Before they descend into slander, thinly veiled racism and Maradona jokes, however, the salient points seem to be that an Argentine is only used for a person: Contrary to some of the opinions expressed, I personally have schnell 1000 verdienen always used 'Argentinian' to describe the nationality and 'Argentine' as an adjective for everything. I don't remember the source but would be good to investigate on. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. argentinian Argentine, Argentinean Am , Argentinian B. The Google Books Ngram Viewer counts up the forms used in millions of books and shows them on a graph. Log in to My Dictionary. Now for my question: The people of Argentina can't decide what words those speaking other languages use to describe them and their country. I would say that both pronunciations would be common in American English, but the "een" pronunciation is much more usual just in other words such as Byzantine or Florentine. Wikipedia and forums like this to unify the term to it's original form of "Argentine" rhymes with Clementine. What is the pronunciation of Argentinian? Argentine wine , but then I found "Argentinian tango", so now I'm confused. I always felt "in the know" by using the same adjective the Argentines used. Search titles only Posted by Member: Portland, USA English - United States. I think it is an answer. Basil Ganglia , Jan 14, Vell Bruixot , Aug 6, This means people "from" the country Argentina are argentinean. So, "My girlfriend is Argentinian. Back to home page Search Term Search Recent and Recommended. Meat is definitely not a form of "citizenry", but Argentine beef is much more common than Argentinian beef. I'm afraid I'm with fumbleFingers. EscondidoNov 28, Word of the Day huck. AndrewKincaid Senior Member English - USA.

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Argentinian Bedeutung der zahl 18 for the link Polopino. Thanks for that enlightening explanation — not so confusing, really! Germanbut they have to put up with it. Robert Wilson THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS A certain Argentinian metres runner might have disagreed with me. I do believe that it is important to call people by what they call themselves most generally. IstrianoNov 15, Tandil, Argentina Castellano Argentina. Here's how it works:
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